In full support of its approach to continually improve its processes and methods, Decortiat is changing. Decortait is reorganising some of its facilities and adapting its working conditions and production tools so that it can soon offer OTC packaging.

On the strength of the experience gained through contacting its national and international partners, Decortiat has decided to fully invest in this new project and would also like to benefit from this experience to improve our traditional cosmetic product packaging processes.

This approach requires a strong commitment from our management and our business partners. New procedures and new working methods must be integrated and implemented for everyone.

Indeed, we should develop our expertise to include working methodologies similar to those in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • The implementation of our approach has been ratified by an analysis gap evaluation carried out by external consultants.

  • A detailed action plan has been drawn up for each discrepancy.

  • The adaptation of our production premises was managed by a specialist architecture company.

  • Our teams are working together with experts to ensure that the Qualification – Validation approaches become documented and mastered, common practice.

  • Our document management system is being developed to meet requirements which are not covered under ISO 22716.

  • Our staff are trained so that these developments become fully integrated.

  • We are fully committed to serve our clients who wish to produce their products using these methods.

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