Mascaras and eye liners share many of the same characteristics when it comes to filling. They are both technical liquid products that come in a small format and require careful handling to keep their qualities. You can place your trust in Decortiat Estelle’s experience in this regard.

There are many innovations in the mascara and eye liner category. Stretch, waterproof, hair, etc. Their changing formats and multiple uses allow you to be creative. And because we can package them so they have a long use by date, with Decortiat, your creativity will never be hindered.

We carry out pre-processing tests to eliminate any unwanted surprises specific to this type of product (for example: a spring effect when closing the tube, poorly loaded brush) and when the result is perfect, we start production.

We have single or double hopper machines which make it possible for us to transfer mascara without touching it, so we can ensure we do not damage the product, alter its microbiology and can preserve its qualities. Our machines also allow us to work in optimal conditions to minimise waste.

We have a large number of specific connectors to fill your different types of packaging, regardless of your accessories (pre-assembled or unassembled wipers, applicators and multiple brushes), the container (plastic, metal, glass, etc.) the specifics of the product (from the thinnest of fluids to the thickest, textured, coloured or clear, with or without balls, etc.) and the required quantities.

Automatic filing is common practice for this type of product.
However, if the volumes or fragility of your packaging requires it, we can provide semi-automatic filling. This flexibility means that we can meet your needs regarding production quantities from the smallest to the largest of volumes. Quantity constraints shouldn’t prevent you from launching a new range of products. We will always find a technical and budgetary solution as close as we can to your expectations.

We work with our clients to produce their classic products as well as their more unusual projects. Single or double filled mascaras, for hair or eyebrows, specific adhesives, etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us.