We are often faced with complex packaging, whether it is a pearlized cream, a bi-phase milk or a foam product. In each case, these products require specific equipment and handling to ensure that they are filled to a high standard.
Decortiat is able to meet these specific requirements.

No bulk will stop us! Our expertise and experience has allowed us to master even the most stubborn of materials over the years and to learn to handle them in the best conditions.

The constant development of our production tools means that we are able to package specific and completely different products, which differ as much in their conception as their composition. Our machines can fill the most complicated of perfumes, the thickest or thinnest of liquids and even the most unusual products.

For a bag or a kit small containers like box or refill have the wind in their sails and are of all trips. These small containers of very low heights, can be filled on our automatic machines with very liquid bulks or creams, using specific tools and that with a very good respect of the weights.
On the same machine, we realize both the filling and the assembly of the different parts of the pack in automatic.

A container that can bring 2 in 1 has become common, our know-how allows us to fill a pack with two cavities with 2 bulks of different, without the texture of the bulks are changed. Associated with this type of filling, all the finishes can be envisaged, put in case with cellophanage, crating cross, sleeve, bundling, etc.

Our recent material pool offers us multiple possibilities, not to mention our flexibility and reactivity which are our guiding principles.