Foundations and concealers are becoming more and more innovative not just in terms of their qualities, but also their textures and packaging. In tubes, pens, with integrated screws, etc., everyone has their ‘must have’ product. We are also seeing more complementary products of the same type, such as liquid make up or blushers. Filling thick products precisely whilst adhering to packaging constraints is a challenge Decortiat knows how to tackle.

From samples to retail products, and not forgetting formats designed for make-up specialists, for all your foundations, concealers, highlighters, etc., you will find a production tool at Decortiat to fill your products.

From automated packaging for the largest volumes to semi-automated packaging for the smallest, we have developed our range of machines over time to meet all your requirements.

Bulk texture has also changed considerably, with different viscosities (oily, sticky, smooth), from beads to those containing alcohol.

We can package these textures in bottles or in pens with specific plugs, which can be carried out on the packaging line, and finishing touches (putting into cases, sleeving, etc.) from the simplest to the most complex of requirements.

We can also adjust our filling material to your requirements by adapting to different bottle neck diameters.

We are flexible in this respect. Regardless of your format or texture, contact us for all your filling needs.