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Here you will find information not only about our expertise and the services we offer but also about who we are, our values and how to contact us depending on what you need.  It is a way for us to virtually open the doors of our company to you and to tell you more about what we do and what we are passionate about.

Packaging is a strategic trade. Even the most exquisite perfume or the most effective cream cannot do without a great packaging design and high-quality packaging. These elements not only ensure that the product will be well preserved but they also form its image, the consumer’s first impression of the product and thus of a brand. This is why it is so important they are perfectly produced.

DECORTIAT is proud to have worked for many years as a technological and capacitive sub-contractor with and for key players in the cosmetics industry; and in doing so, rising to new challenges every day.

Our priorities


The quality of our finished products is our number one priority and our trademark.



Our adaptability, in a human capacity as much as in a technological capacity, means that we can meet your requirements whilst meeting your deadlines


Being creative and proactive is the best way for us to develop more effective processes and be able to bring you new services that you will not find elsewhere


Decortiat is a well-established business with a personal touch, which is what gives our service its expertise and adaptability, and strengthens our relationships with our associates and partners at the very heart of our business.

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Labellia cerification pour decortiat

Ours services

For more than 45 years, Decortiat has been growing its business and providing many different services, including:

Mascaras, alcohols, milks, creams, gels, foams, bi-phases, products containing beads, in small or large formats, etc. We can fill any specific product.


We provide various labelling techniques, from manual to automatic, depending on the specification for each project.

cellophanage et manchonnage

Decortiat Estelle can wrap your cartons, boxes and cases made from plastic, metal or cardboard in different films (acrylic polypropylenes, PVDC, cosmetic specific film), either plain or printed, and in various weight


We have the solution for whichever type of regulatory branding you wish to apply to your cosmetic products and their packaging (edgemarking, laser branding, small special characters, etc.).


We carry out all types of cartoning, automatic as manual. Our equipment and our qualified packers can meet your expectations, even very specific.

Kits & boxes

From conception to assembly, including filling your bottles and putting products together, we can manage your kits and boxes from A to Z


The expertise developed by Decortiat means that we can offer you not only our classic services, but also…
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le full service selon decortiat

We can take on all or part of your process, from R&D to delivery

sur mesure decortiat

VIP collections, limited editions, specific requirements: please let us know


We can now produce OTC packaging for dermocosmetics products