Corporate Social Responsibility is defined as the considering by companies of the societal, environmental and economic stakes in their strategy, production and management. The company is committed to improving its performance and reducing its impact, in a more ecologically virtuous way.

CSR imposes a stronger framework and responsibility of the company towards the other actors and even of society and the whole planet.

The Corporate Responsibility of Decortiat is a major concern of the Management of the company and its actors. As such, our objective is to contribute within our perimeter of influence and activity to the sustainable development of society, the environment and the local economic fabric.

Decortiat démarche RSE

To this end, at all levels, we attach great importance to the preservation and defending the values that are ours in our production site and at the level of our service providers and suppliers while in respect of:

  • Human rights: every human being with inherent, inalienable and sacred rights

  • Working conditions: sealed by the Labor Code and based on the maintenance of equitable, healthy and honest relationships

  • Environment: defined by the follow-up of the environmental rules concerning our activity

  • Principles of fair competition with our partners and competitors

  • A desire for local development of jobs dependent on our activity

To this end, we are involved in the management of our CSR policy by:

  • Reporting on the impact of our CSR policy on society, economy and the environment
  • Reporting on the impact of our CSR policy on society, economy and the environment
  • Adopting exemplary ethical behavior
  • Systematically considering the interests of stakeholders when making decisions (employees, suppliers, customers)
  • Respecting French legislation
  • Respecting human rights


BC Bilan Carbone

Labellia cerification pour decortiat

In the same way, we carry out energy audits in order to guarantee and improve our environmental impact. We are certified by the Bilan Carbone association, which is working towards a more carbon-neutral society in France and abroad.

The realization of our Carbon accounting in 6 steps, allowed us to have a global vision of our direct and indirect emissions and to perfect our action plan to see them decrease.