Decortiat can handle purchasing as part of R&D (or further to research). We will then act as the project manager for the project and we are well equipped to do this.

We can also, upon customer request, research the best supplier or product, depending on the context they are required for.

Finally, Decortiat can handle internal purchasing, from consumables to IPE (individual protective equipment).

In all three cases, we make our decisions without ever having to compromise on quality. Decortiat calls upon advisors in each sector to ensure a high level of quality that exceeds the expectations of clients, whilst, at the same time, adhering to their respective budget for each element.

In the same user-centric and well thought-out way, we work in harmony with our clients looking for new synergies (for example: borrowing tools and machines) to limit any unnecessary expenses and pollution. To only buy what is essential, but the best.

Les savoir-faire DECORTIAT