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Sleeving is a packaging technique which consists of positioning and shrinking a sleeve over one or more products. The sleeve can be transparent to ensure that your product is tamperproof, but it can also be personalised. In this case, depending on the format and graphic design required, there are a range of communication and marketing options available to you (redesigning your range, promotional grouping of products, etc.).

Our various packaging lines have different types of shrinking material, we can just as well shrink a neutral sleeve as we can a decorated sleeve with strong anamorphosis, or a sleeve for a single promotional batch.

We have a special tunnel that we use for sleeving aerosols which is carefully monitored to avoid the product overheating.

We will help you to develop your sleeves, both in your choice of raw materials, geared to the substrate it will be put over, as well as the best way to adapt your graphics to the shape of your products and ensure that the anamorphosis of your design provides your product with a great look.

Upon receiving your proposal, we send your products that need sleeving to the printer so that they can send us test sleeves (100 to 200 generally) to test how the machine shrinks until we find the most effective fit for your product.

After the process has been agreed, the printer will provide you with a layout so that your company can add its design to the cellophane. Then, you will be sent a proof to validate and then production can start for the required quantity.

At your side or in partnership, we are full of ideas and advice to help you to develop your sleeves, with more than 20 years’ experience in this field giving us a wealth of expertise in this type of packaging.