Tailor-made packaging is at the heart of Decortiat’s business.

Equipped with machines capable of meeting your requirements within your budget and deadline, our technicians take your needs, expectations and constraints into consideration in order to
organise and adapt to the specific details of your project.

Every brand, product and packaging is unique. Your packaging is not strictly identical (due to tolerances regarding shape, weight and dimensions) but we overcome these differences to successfully produce your packaging.

We undertake dry and liquid product filling by adapting the technologies we use to the physical and chemical characteristics of the product, and we can package your materials in various types of containers (bottles, vials, boxes, pots, capsules, tubes, etc. made from plastic, glass or metal).

Depending on your constraints, we can work with requirements regarding weight, volume or legal metrology. The addition of complementary equipment such as laminar air flow systems, which protect your products from any external contamination, provides us with a grey room type environment in accordance with regulatory standards. We also work in an ATEX environment and soon in an OTC environment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about technical and human resources, but also if you need any further information, advice or our expertise.

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